How to Succeed in the Landscape Lighting Business

Listen First, Talk Later

When you meet with potential customers, always listen to their needs and concerns first, before offering ideas and suggestions. Don’t railroad your customers into your perfect nighttime display. Let their unique perspective guide your finished product to their idea of perfection, not your own.

Sell The Quality Of Your Product and Service

Always use the right fixture, in the right configuration, for the right job. Most homeowners don’t under the specifics of design, lumens, beam spread, etc. Don’t overwhelm them with specifications — instead, wow them with results that meet and exceed their expectations.

Stand By Your Quote

Don’t underprice your job just because the potential customer balks at the bid. Use their objection as an opportunity to sell your expertise, high-quality fixtures, skilled installation, and professionalism.

Market Your Landscape Lighting Business Online

In addition to home shows and magazines, Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords have revolutionized the landscape lighting marketplace. Each digital service offers an opportunity to attract and connect with different kinds of customers, but in concert they will work together to build your business.

Posted on August 10, 2016