Questions Homeowners Will Ask

When you’re pitching your landscape lighting services to potential, they’ll usually ask you a series of questions. Below are many of the questions you’ll probably be asked. Remember to always spin the answer so that it presents you in the best light, but tell the truth! There’s nothing worse that fibbing your way through a pitch, only to have it come back and bite you later.

Do you have a contractor’s license / business license?

Make sure your business is up to date with all of your industry, state and localities licensing requirements. The homeowner wants to know that you’re a legitimate company.

Do you have liability insurance? Workers Compensation Insurance?

Liability insurance covers any accidental damage you might make to a customer’s property, while workers’ compensation insurance covers your employees if they’re injured on the job. Again, the customer wants to know if your business is legitimate.

How much landscape lighting experience does your company have?

Are you a landscaper who has recently jumped on the nightscaping bandwagon, or have you been installing landscape lighting for decades. Be honest. There’s nothing wrong with youth and inexperience, if your products and knowledge are up to snuff.

How many lighting installs have you done?

Again, this question speaks to your experience.

Can you provide references?

Good and reputable companies should never be reluctant to provide reference sites to prospective clients.

Will you provide a demo?

Any good lighting contractor should be able to provide an evening design demonstration so that the customer can see what the system will look like prior to the installation.

What warranties come with the system?

Warranties are only as good as the company that manufactures your lighting fixtures. Be sure to choose wisely!

What about your service and maintenance plans?

What kind of after installation service and support will you provide? Don’t be the company that disappears after the lights are on the ground and the check has been cashed.

Who performs the actual installation?

Are your employees factory trained, or are they day-laborers off the street?

What will happen to my existing landscaping?

You should always leaving a customer’s property looking better than it was before you begin the lighting installation. The homeowner shouldn’t anything different about the landscaping except for the beautiful new lights after dark.

Posted on August 10, 2016