On Nightscaping with Color

Take a minute and imagine the world around you without colors, how boring and unexciting life would be. Colors play a vital role in our daily lives and it has been proven that our activities and responses are influenced by them. Kenneth Fehrman, co-author of the book, Color: The Secret Influence states that, “Most people are unaware of the profound effect color has.”

It is true: color is a source of joy and wonderment. Imagine a rainbow, or a beautiful vista or photograph. The human eye is more specialized than that of any other creature to detect a wide range of colors and vibrant shades. Our brains process

During the golden hour, a period shortly before sunset or after sunrise, daylight is softer and less direct than in the middle of the day when the Sun is higher in the sky. When the sun is near the horizon, sunlight travels through more atmosphere, reducing the intensity of the direct light and more illumination comes from indirect light of the sky. Photographers often use this time of day to capture dramatic images that appear almost magical.

At night — the magical light is just as important. What mother nature does with the sun at the beginning and end of the day, technology does with the LED. Though it is artificial and not on par with golden hour, quality fixtures with high enough CRI, can create perfectly color-rendered scenes and dramatic nightscapes.

Consumers crave variety — whether in presentation, design and especially, color. Don’t settle for, and don’t provide, low quality, dull, drab, and unattractive nightscaping.

Posted on August 14, 2016